Torture 40

T40 - Hill Circuit

A 45 mile hilly training circuit.
Map of T40. Click to view large map in new window.

The entire route is on OS 175 1:50000 Reading & Windsor map, area SU.

OS Ref. Description Dist
785855 Left out of car park, then first right (signposted Pheasants Hill).
Bear left by churchyard wall (signposted Pheasants Hill). Bear right and keep right up hill [1].
After top of hill, bear left (signposted Frieth).
Turn left by phone box (signposted Colstrope).
Turn right at T-junction (signposted Skirmett).
Turn left at staggered crossroads (Dudley Lane, signposted Chiltern Valley Winery) [2].
Bear right at T-junction (no signpost) and take first left (signposted Fawley) [3].
Turn right at T-junction by pond (Dobson's Lane, signposted Henley).
751859 Bear left down hill (signposted Henley).
Turn left at T-junction (onto A4155) (signposted Marlow).
Take first left (signposted Fawley).
Turn right at T-junction (Benham's Lane, signposted Southend) [4].
Turn right on left-hand bend no signpost (single track road) and [descend 2] past Chiltern Valley Winery. Turn left at staggered crossroads (signposted Skirmett).
Take first right (Shogmoor Lane, signposted Frieth) [5].
Turn left at T-junction (signposted Lane End) past Frieth Village Hall.
Turn left at crossroads (signposted Fingest).
Turn left at T-junction (signposted Fingest).
Turn right at triangle (signposted Ibstone).
Take first right (signposted Ibstone) [6].
Take first left just after Ibstone sign [descend 10].
Turn right at T-junction (Holloway Lane, signposted Northend).
Turn right at T-junction (signposted Christmas Common) [7].
715933 Turn right at T-junction (signposted Watlington).
Take first left (signposted Watlington).
Bear left by Carriers Arms to follow one-way system (Spring Lane).
Turn right at T-junction (signposted Oxford).
In Britwell Salome turn left (signposted Britwell Hill) [8].
Turn right at T-junction (no signpost). Take first left onto Patemore Lane and descend to Pishill.
Take first left (Balham's Lane, signposted Turville Heath) [9].
Take first right (signposted Turville).
Take immediate right at crossroads (Dolesden Lane, signposted Turville).
752908 At start of descent bear sharp right and descend to T-junction where
Turn left (Holloway Lane, no signpost) through Turville.
Take first right (no signpost) up Ashfield Hill [10].
Bear right at top then turn right at T-junction (signposted Fingest) [descend 6].
Turn left at T-junction (signposted Fingest).
Turn right at T-junction to Skirmett.
In Skirmett left on sharp right bend (signposted Frieth) [11].
Turn right at T-junction (signposted Pheasants Hill).
Bear left in Rockwell End, then turn right (signposted Rotten Row).
Descend into Mill End and turn right into car park where
785855 FINISH 45


Please note a couple of dangerous locations:

  • The descent back down Vineyard hill is steep with an uneven surface. We have had an accident there before. Please descend with caution, it will only cost you a few seconds.
  • Similarly the descent down Ashfield Farm hill, near Ibstone, is steep and bumpy, not a place to take off your Gilet, for both these hills hang-onto your hoods well
  • Early in the ride you join the main Henley-Marlow road (A4155) for a short while. This is very busy, again just take that extra second or so to check traffic before you join the road.

Gearing & Equipment

Some of these climbs, particularly Ashfield Farm, Fawley and Vineyard are real knee-crackers. A triple or 25 sprocket is recommended, but if you can't be bothered to take off the 23, then wear thick socks.

A light bike is good, but it is probably best if you leave you carbon rims at home for these descents, they are quite harsh on your wheels and good breaking surface is quite useful.

This is across a lot of small backroads, punctures are quite likely, do take a full kit. If you just have a C02 cartridge and a bit of shiny plastic you may have a very long walk home.