A busy Sunday for MDCC

What a busy morning it was for Maidenhead and District Cycling Club, as 33 people arrived at 0830 at Braywick ready to head out for a club ride, and our 30 mile time trail at 10am on the H29/18 course.  


There was a bit of organising to do at Braywick, in order to maintain social distancing and keep everyone safe and well in groups of 6 or less. - thanks to everyone involved for their patience as we did this  The new social ride has proved so popular that we had to split it into and 2 groups led by Taran and Jo.  Taran's group completed a 33 mile loop at an average speed of around 14mph, heading through Marlow and Frieth then down the Hambledon Valley to meet some of the other groups for an outdoor socially distanced coffee in Henley.  Jo's group went slightly further, extending from Frieth to climb up Dolesdon Lane to  Christmas Common then down Pishill to Henley and the coffee stop - in total her group did 50 miles at around 15mph.


There were enough medium paced riders to split into 2 groups as well, with my group doing exactly the same route as Jo, just slightly faster with an average speed of 16.5mph, whilst Mark's group was aiming to drop Dave D at the top of Pishill so that he could marshall the time trial event - so they went in the opposite direction through Twyford and Sonning and went up and then down Pishill to meet for coffee! They did 46 miles at 17mph.


Then the faster groups - again 2 of them.  Mike and Hewan's groups went southwestwards to Bramley, with an unbelievable (to me anyway!) average speed approaching 20mph for their 55-60 mile route - with a stop for coffee at Moss End. 



A brilliant morning, with several new members and an age range from 15 to 70+, and a reasonable crop of ladies which is something that I am really pleased to see. 


Hope to see you all on the road again soon!