Meet Deaneo - But where did he come from?

Q. You have been a member of MDCC for a relatively short time. What is your cycling background?

A.I started riding racing bikes when I was about 15, I remember respraying a bike at that age, and actually reassembling it. I then bought a Dawes Discovery when I was about 17 which was my first ever new bike bought with my own money. It was a road/touring bike. I used it to cycle a lot around Alton and Basingstoke in Hampshire where I lived. The next bike I bought was in Sydney Australia in 1990, it was one of the first ever Hybrid bikes. I worked as a cycle courier in Australia for 12 months that year and was voted by the company as their best ever bike courier (I made the most money). Does that count as being an ex-pro cyclist? On the way back from Oz I bought a bike in Los Angeles, a Team Raleigh bike (I still have it now).  When I got home to the UK I used this for Cat racing for the next 5 years. I raced most weeks at Goodwood racetrack. I then bought a Marin Mountain Bike in 1997 and cycled that and other MTBs for the next 20 years. I rode Mountain Biking a lot in the UK and throughout Europe on trips and holidays and also where I lived in the South Downs. I then went on a Activities holiday in 2017 and thought I would revisit road riding as I had not ridden a road bike for 20 years. I liked it and bought my Boardman Carbon and then decided to join MDCC. 


Q. What is your favorite type of riding now?

A. I enjoy the club rides especially when it is a mix of hills and fast undulating terrain. The club has a good mix of riders and you can go out in a group that matches your ability or energy levels. I like the fast group rides as I like to push myself, although some days I turn up and the really strong/fast riders are there. I almost groan internally as I know that I will be in a world of pain for most of the morning. There is always the coffee and cake to look forward to though at the end of the ride.  


Q. Is cycling the only sport you do?

A. I do circuit training about 2-3 times a week which I have done for about 20 years.


Q. How much training do you do?

A. I ride on Sunday mornings and then once in the week on my own.


Q. Outside of cycling what other hobbies do you have?

A. I enjoy eating, walking, travelling. I went to Japan last year and loved it. I also enjoy dinghy sailing and swimming when I get a chance. I love doing crosswords while enjoying a nice coffee and cake in one of our local cafe's. Yummy!


Q. Why did you join MDCC?

A. As I am I very photogenic I thought I would join the club with the most photogenic, bike fashion conscious, fast group of riders and I would fit in nicely. Unfortunately Marlow Cycling Club said I was not welcome and said I was not photogenic enough, too slow and lacking a decent bike and gear, they recommended MDCC. Seriously MDCC was my first choice.    


Q. What is your most memorable ride?

A. I suppose it was an organised 100 miles off road (MTB) from Winchester to Brighton along the South Downs Way. The weather at the start was torrential rain, I had a puncture after 1 km and the other 250 riders carried on. I then got another puncture after 10 Km but the rest of the ride was incident free and the weather was bright and sunny. It was a hard slog.


Q. Does any other family member cycle

A. My wife rides with me about 10-20 Km for coffee or a picnic, and both my children cycle. Also 2 out of 3 of my step children cycle.


Q. How long do you see yourself cycling for

A. Well I am 57 now. Hopefully I can cycle until I am as old as Mike W or Mark R, they are in their 80's aren't they?


Q. What events would you like to see the club organise, cycling or non cycling

A. How about a ride where you incorporate the 10 hardest hills of the Chilterns. How about a club road race, not a TT. A group BBQ would be nice with other halves.


Q. Do you have any cycling ambitions

A. Giro d'Italia, Tour De France, Vuelta a Espana in the same year...........unrealistic?

I always wanted to do the Tour route one year or Ride across USA, I would need 2-3 months off work so not just yet.


Q. Has the lockdown affected your training

A. Yes it has, I am currently riding 3-4 times a week and navigating the Chilterns with no help, Garmin etc. I now know where I am riding, where as before I had to keep asking Mike the length of each climb, straight etc. I have just bought a new (secondhand) Trek Domane bike during lockdown and I have really enjoyed riding it and the peacefulness of solo riding. I can say now however that after over 2 months of riding alone that I am looking forward to a Sunday Club Ride tear up.