Meet the man who can get lost leaving the Car Park! - Stu Aukland



Those of you who ride with the faster group will have met Stu, well most of us know the view of his posterior! Stu seams to spend hours on the front of the group pulling us around, or perhaps that should say making us suffer. Read on to find out more about him:


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?

A. Like most I started young and spent most of my time cross country mountain biking. Being from Brighton and living right next door to the South Downs it was awesome to be on the trails in 5 minutes. I have a habit of getting lost too, no sense of direction, so having the sea to head to when things got out of hand was always useful.


Q. You were very successful at TT's but you have not done one for a while. What made you stop?

A. I had a health issue and then started by own business ( so time was/is precious. I therefore had to stop as I couldn’t commit to the training needed to keep progressing at the level I wanted to.


Q. What sort of riding do you enjoy most now?

A. Road riding on my Giant Propel. A stunning bike and it always likes to go fast. I especially like riding with the club, always great fun whatever the weather, route and the riders out.


Q. Is cycling the only sport you do?

A. I also like to carry out some strength and conditioning training including a bit of Yoga.


Q. How often do you ride?

A. 5-6 times a week either on the road or indoors on the turbo trainer depending on time/weather etc.


Q. Although you have been a member for getting on for 10 years, you are only second claim. Why is that?

A. I’m part of the Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching team so that’s my first claim club, not that I’m racing at the moment as mentioned before.


Q. Other than cycling what other hobbies do you have?

A. Eating, motorcycles and skateboards. Basically if it tastes good I like it and if it has wheels and I fall off it then I’m game! :-)


Q. What is your most memorable ride?

A. It’s a week’s riding - HotChillee Cape Rouleur and then the Cape Town Tour (aka Cape Argus) in South Africa. Stunning rides, country, people, food, wine and weather. The wind blows like a bugger but that works for a heavy diesel like me. I’ve been lucky enough to do it a few times but I’ve yet to break the 3 hour mark for the Argus - close at 3:02:49 this year (2020) but hey always good to have a reason to head back and it’s an easy sell to the wife when the place is that amazing!


Q. Why did you join MDCC?

A. They’re all so slow it was easy to look great and be fast so perfect cannon fodder for trophy hunting! They also know where they’re going so great for a directionless chap like me...


Q. Does anyone else in the family cycle?

A. My wife rides occasionally but that’s it although I do think about building a trailer for the dogs. Towing them would be good low cadence torque training!


Q. If you could have any bike what would it be?

A. I’m struggling to find anything that I’d swop the Propel for. It’s an incredible machine, looks amazing with brilliant integration. Maybe I’d stick with that and have a funky paint job done on it.


Q. How are you managing with the current situation?

A. I saw a quote the other day - "Our Grandparents had to go to war, we’re being asked to stay at home” Yes it’s a very serious and complex situation but we’ve got it easy in comparison. If I start worrying I watch the opening D-Day beach landing scene in the film Saving Private Ryan. That’s enough to put our situation into context. Stay happy and positive people - we’ll get through it.