Meet MDCC's own Pocket Rocket - Bernie Phillips


Bernie is one of the stalwarts of our club TT’s, and has gone from just giving it ago on his road bike to a fully-fledged aero Time Trialer. So let’s find out more about the little man with the big character?


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?


A. I have always had a bicycle or a motorbike but I have never rode any
great distance on a bicycle until I took part in the London to Brighton
2006 after that I wanted to do it again to do a better time.

Q .You are a very keen Time Trialist, what attracts you to them?

A. Because I like to set myself goals and like to push myself to get better

Q. What sort of riding do you enjoy most now?

A.I like riding on my own especially in the spring and in the spring

Q. Is cycling the only sport you do?

A. I also fish matches and try to balance them with my cycling, I retired
last year so i have enough time to do a little of each in the week.

Q. How often do you ride?

A. I used to ride to work each day, and Time Trial on a Thursday evenings,
now I have retired I only ride three times a week although they are
longer rides.

Q .Like a few of the club you are now on the wrong side of 60! What are
your cycling ambitions for the future?


A. I would like to carry on riding Time Trials as long as possible, then
fall back to weekend rides.

Q. Other than cycling what other hobbies do you have?


A. I have my fishing and I have an allotment I also enjoy cooking i.e.
making all types of bread

Q. What is your most memorable ride?

A. When I rode with the club to Box Hill for the first time.

Q. Why did you join the MDCC?


A. It was a local club and some of my friends were members and I rode my
first come and try Time Trial and every one was friendly.

Q. Does anyone else ride in your family?


A. No I’m the only one.

Q. If you could have any Bike what would it be?

A. I have no favourites.

Q. How are you managing with the current situation?


A. Not too bad, I stay in as much as possible, I’m not allowed to go fishing
under Government guide lines, Half hour trips to the allotment. All my
cycling is done on my turbo either in the garage or on the patio in the
sunshine, and I have increased my core strength exercises, all DIY jobs
are done and I cannot wait to be free again.