Talking Cycling and in particular Road Racing with Guy Davis


Guy is now a Second Claim member of the club having joined Thames Velo, as they were better able to support his road racing ambitions. This was a move MDCC fully supported , and was obviously the correct one, as he was successful in gaining 2nd Cat status for next year. Guy still supports the club by joining the Sunday rides when he can, and many of us have had the "pleasure" of being dragged round on his wheel for many miles! So lets find out a bit more about Guy:


Q. When did you start cycling and what attracted you to it?

A. Since as far back as I can remember I have messed about on bikes (BMXs, mountain bikes, etc). However, I started rowing at university and got my first road bike in 2011, which I used for cross training. I started to do more cycling and less rowing, and since 2014 it’s been my main sport. I have found that a lot of the people I rowed with are now cycling, which I think is because it’s the same level of fitness but not such early mornings.

Q. Is cycling the only sport you do?

A. Pretty much, yes. I occasionally do some running, but try to avoid it!

Q. Other than cycling what are your other hobbies?

A. Cooking and baking. I normally tell people that the only reason I cycle is that I love eating so much, so it’s the only way to stay vaguely in shape.

Q. You have been road racing for a couple of years now, what is the attraction?

A. I have always been fairly competitive and wanted to do more than just leisure rides. I like doing structured training and targeting different races, and I really like the adrenaline that comes from racing. 

Q. How did you start road racing and was it easy to get into

A. The started racing by entering Cat 4 road races and criteriums. It was straightforward however it’s easier to get into races if you are affiliated with a club (I wasn’t at the time). If I were to do it again I would probably join a club that races first because there are normally multiple people entering races and it’s helpful to have friendly faces and people that will give you tips. I think the best thing is to just give it a go as you learn far faster in a race environment compared to training rides.

Q. What advise would you give to anyone wanting to take up road racing.

A. You need to be comfortable riding in a group at speed, so try and get as much experience at this as possible because races tend to be around 60 riders in close proximity to one another. Many clubs run chain gangs and these are good for these purposes. British Cycling have also put together guidance and videos.

Q. What is your most memorable ride?

A.  In 2017 and 2018 I took part in the Marmot, which is a 175km sportive in the Alpes that involves climbing the Glandon, Telegraph, Galibier and finishing up Alpe d’Huez. It is definitely one of the toughest things I have done and not something that I am going to forget!

Q. What are your road racing ambitions?

A. Next year I want to retain Cat 2 status, so I need to carry on the racing for that. I do also want to do some more TTs, as I have enjoyed the ones that I have done.

Q. I believe your wife is a a very good triathlete, so who is the best athlete in the family?

A. Good question! She can also run and swim so is better all-round than me!