Talking with Simon one of the most improved Club members


Q: When did you start and what made you start cycling

A: I used to cycle everywhere when I was a child, but stopped after moving to a motorcycle at 17. I didn’t really partake in any exercise and my old employer were sponsoring the Palace to Palace so I took upon the challenge of working up to be able to do 45 miles having borrowed a friend’s bike, which seemed like a massive feat at the time. I quite enjoyed it so started cycling more, did London 2 Brighton and then bought my own bike in October 2017, upped my game from October 2017 until I joined the club in February 2018.

Q: What sort of riding do you enjoy

A: Road, all types of rides. Particularly enjoy the Chiltern hills.

Q: Is cycling the only sport you do

A: Yes, occasionally I do a small amount of running but that’s it. That’s one of the reasons I started cycling, because I don’t get any other exercise other than walking.

Q: How often do you ride

A: Religiously every Sunday where possible and sometimes a couple of after work rides a week in summer months. (I haven’t really started that this year yet)

Q: Other than cycling what are your other hobbies

A: Walking with my family and the dog, home improvements and visiting National Trust properties.

Q: You recently started going out with the faster group. What made you decide to do this and how have you found it?

A: I would never have done this, but the club changed its format, now everyone meets at one point and switching between groups is now a lot easier and less daunting. I gave it a go and struggled but other members encouraged me to continue trying so I have! After having been out with the faster group a few times, I have found it as enjoyable as I did with the medium group but more rewarding as I push myself harder.

Q: What is your most memorable ride

A: The most memorable would be Ride London 100 in 2018, what an opportunity to ride the iconic Olympic route on closed roads. It was raining all day, but that didn’t dampen spirits and kept me nice and cool on a hot day! I don’t really feel the need to participate in sportives much since joining the club though. Palace to Palace 2017 was memorable as I met Chris Froome at the finish!

Q: Why did you join MDCC and what do you like about the club

A: I always rode alone but kept coming across groups on the road, I looked at clubs online and liked the convenience of the meeting point of the club in Maidenhead town so thought I should give it a try, I have not looked back! I found the welcome and members putting me at ease particularly encouraging.

Q: Does anyone else in the family cycle

A: No, but I hope to get my daughter riding soon- she already has a bike at 4 years old.

Q: If you could have any bike what would it be

A: Mmmm... difficult... Colnago C64 frameset built up with SRAM Red Etap.

Q: Do you have any cycling events planned for 2019

A: Club rides and maybe a couple of audaxes with club members