A Quick Chat With Les One Of Our Senior Members

Q: When did you start and what made you start cycling 

A: I started cycling “properly” in 2008. Had bikes on a couple of occasions previous to that but did not cycle much. I was a keen squash, cricket and football player but age caught up with me so was looking for another sport. A work colleague encouraged me. Squash damaged me a bit as I have had two hip operations. Like Andy Murray has had.

Q: What sort of riding do you enjoy 

A: I enjoy time trials, sportives up 60 miles and social rides. Did used to do 25 mile TT’s but only do 10 mile ones now as this is quite enough. Ride open ones and also MDCC ones. Just trying to do the standard for my age. Some of the sportives are a bit taxing.

Q: Is cycling the only sport you do

A: I do try to play golf but am not very good at this. Bit too old for any other sports now.

Q: How often do you ride

A: I try to get out at least 3 times a week, sometimes managing four. Aim to do 100 miles a week. Motivation is difficult in the winter. However just had a week in Gran Canaria. Cycling and weather great.

Q: Other than cycling what are your other hobbies 

A: I am a football supporter. Reading season ticket holder for my sins. Cricket supporter and a member of Somerset and Devon. Enjoy tennis and have been to Queens Club 3 times. Gardening, Astronomy and Science.

Q: What is your most memorable ride

A: Most memorable ride is along the coast road in the south of Gran Canaria. If I was younger some of the mountain routes would be in the list.

Q: Why did you join MDCC

A: When I started cycling properly in 2008 I wanted to do TTs and MDCC was my nearest club. Only lived 2 miles from the H10/2 circuit. Did not join until 2009 though.

Q: Does anyone else in the family cycle 

A: My partner did cycle for a bit but is frightened of cycling on the roads with the traffic. No incidents but it is the threat that cars possess. I am aware of the problems but cycle carefully.

Q: If you could have any bike what would it be

A: I already have it in a Pinarello Dogma F8 from 2015. Anything better would be wasted on me.

Q: Do you have any cycling events planned for 2019

A: I am riding the St Georges Sportive and the Red Kite Sportive. Will probably do others. Plan to do as many MDCC TT’s as possible when not helping and some open events especially run by the VTTA.

Q: What do I do to help the club

A: I marshall at the Hilly 30 in March and September and the club TT’s when I can.