Meet Sarah Davies - Super tough or just mad! you decide


Q: When did you start and what made you start cycling

A: After I had my second child in 2005 I put on a lot of weight so did slimming world to lose it... and in the magazine was an advert for a charity ride to Cuba, which I signed up for, started training, lost the last bit of weight and then I was hooked!  As a working mum I found it not only kept that weight off, but gave me some time to myself- something that helped my mental health enormously and made me a better mum.

Q: What sort of riding do you enjoy

A: Long distance road riding, especially Audaxes. I don’t like the pain of time trialling and have huge respect for those who can push themselves that hard! I also dabble in mountain biking, so long as it’s not too technical and did the South Downs way in a day last year.

Q: Is cycling the only sport you do

A: No I run as well - you will always find me at parkrun in Maidenhead and I am one of the core volunteers there.

Q: How often do you ride

A: I commute in London on a fold up bike every day, always do the Sunday club ride and try to fit 2 more other rides in during the week when I can. I aim for 100-150miles a week. I don't always manage it though with a family and a full time job as well!

Q: Other than cycling what are your other hobbies

A: Running. And I should say the weather - that’s more of a career but it is a passion of mine too and I am kind of the club weathergirl!

Q: What is your most memorable ride

A: Lands End to John o Groats. We were so lucky with amazing weather and I was with a great group of people. We camped every night, laughed a lot and the miles just flew by.

Q: Why did you join MDCC

A: I joined to help me train for that charity ride - I wanted to learn from others who not only knew about bikes and riding but also some new routes around the area. I also wanted to be pushed a little. Now, as I am one of the clock tower ‘ride leaders’ I hope that I can return the support that I was given back then to new members by making sure we are as inclusive as we can be and give everyone a great experience!

Q:  Does anyone else in the family cycle

A: My brother rode cyclocross competitively when he was younger (I really didn’t get it back then!) and he is now an amazing mountain biker. He keeps trying to convert me, and although I am happy to do the odd mtb ride I am a roadie! Then again I may be starting to convert him as he joined us on his first ever Audax a few weeks ago!

Q: If you could have any bike what would it be

A: I am lucky - I am just getting it built up now! A titanium Enigma Etape built for long distances with di2, disk brakes and a dynamo hub which will even charge my garmin for me as I ride! (I do love high end carbon bikes too but they are not as good at carrying lots of stuff for a 600km+ ride!)

Q: Do you have any cycling events planned for 2019

A: Oh yes! My biggest cycling year ever. I have entered Paris-Brest-Paris - the famous 1200km ride (in 90hours) in August. In order to qualify for that I have to complete what’s known as a Super Randonneur - a 200km, 300km, 400km, 600km. The 200km is in the bag... the rest are still ahead of me. I will be doing all this with my good friend and fellow MDCC club member David Dyer.

Q: What do you do to support the club? 

A: The main thing club members will know me for is leading the clock tower routes alongside David Dyer. New members will contact me beforehand and either myself or David will usually come up with routes that make sure everyone is catered for along the way. Usually I am the one at the back sweeping up as we go.