Bird Hills Group Ride 25th March

Despite the loss of one hours sleep five members, Andrew, Brett, Mark, Mike and Pete, arrived at Bird Hills for the Sunday ride.

We headed off steadily to Twyford with Andrew and Mike setting the pace. At the cross roads we turned towards Sonning Eye with Brett and Andrew taking the lead. This set the tone for the ride, with these two pulling the rest of us around. As we headed up Dunston first Mike and then Mark got gapped, but we soon re-grouped at the top.

As we went through Henley it was decided to head towards Marlow and up the Hambleden Valley. Andrew set a very strong pace up to the turn at Skirmet, and here again we had a quick re-group to let Mark latch on. It was then onto Dolston where Andrew, Brett and Pete pulled away from Mike and Mark, but at Turville Heath they kindly waited for us all to join up again. This was the last time the group split as we all kept together through Northend, Christmas Common, Nettlebed, Sonning Common, Reading, Sonning Eye and back to Twyford

Andrew took the Vineyard Sprint from Mike as the group pressed on to Bird Hills, where Pete “won” the Drift Road sprint from Brett. Most of us covered a total of 60 miles with 50 of those riding together at an average around 18.5mph.