Reliability Ride - 25th Feb 2018

Great to see 16 club members out for the annual early season Reliability Ride around a 80km route south from Bird Hills.



It was a very cold start but with very few signs of ice as it has been dry recently.  Fortunately it did warm up as the morning went on but a cold wind greeted us as we headed eastwards to the south of Bracknell.  Despite the cold weather there were quite a few other cyclists around and the traffic wasn't too bad except for a long queue due to a huge set of water works that started today at the Mercedes Benz roundabout in Bracknell. 


Looking at Strava I can see a few cases of slight deviations to the route, but everyone got back safely.  Jon and Peter seemed to be first home just before 11:30 while most of the rest of the field were back before 12:00.  Denis and I caught up with Simon who had a flat at Dedworth and we were the final ones back at about 12:45 just as most were finishing their well earned coffees.

As already notified, we have a number of long rides booked in for club members later in the year, so hope to see you then in hopefully warmer weather.