Bird Hills Puncturefest - 22 April 2018

With Martin R, Guy and Jon joining usual members Brett, Pete and Mike it was a strong group that headed off from Bird Hills. It had been agreed to head off to Henley as Martin, Guy and Brett were going to have to cut off early, and this was the ideal place to “split”.

A strong pace was set by Jon from the off on roads that were still wet from the previous night’s storms.  However, we didn’t get to Twyford before Jon, who had only got back from a big weeks training in Majorca the night before, punctured.

A beautiful day for a ride

Spring is such a lovely time to be out on the bike, although last nights thunderstorms made it a bit mucky and brought down enough rubbish for me to get a puncture before I even got to the Clock Tower this morning and I missed the draw being made for the club places for the Ride London team:




Bird Hills Ride 15th April

There was some “reasonable” weather for once as five members and three guests gathered at Bird Hills.

A brisk pace was set by Brett and Mike as the group headed off towards Twyford. At the Vineyard Brett accelerated away but, was quickly followed by Tom, who was out with the group for the first time. The theme for the ride was set as we headed towards Sonning Eye with Brett on the front pulling the group along.

Clock tower ride 15 April 18

Although the weather was not as nice as yesterday, it was still warm enough to bring out one of our largest groups for a while - 3 new riders and 9 regulars left the clock tower at 0900 this morning.


Bird Hills Group Ride 25th March

Despite the loss of one hours sleep five members, Andrew, Brett, Mark, Mike and Pete, arrived at Bird Hills for the Sunday ride.

We headed off steadily to Twyford with Andrew and Mike setting the pace. At the cross roads we turned towards Sonning Eye with Brett and Andrew taking the lead. This set the tone for the ride, with these two pulling the rest of us around. As we headed up Dunston first Mike and then Mark got gapped, but we soon re-grouped at the top.

Yelo Studio Cycling Offer to Clum Members

Mark Reynolds has kindly arranged an invitation from Richard Weaver at Yelo Studio Cycling in Marlow, for each member to enjoy one free trial pass.

If you would like to take advantage of this just register on the website and then email Richard at and he will add the free pass. When you contact him you will need to provide your Club Membership number.

Clock tower run March 11th 2018 - Spring has sprung

A mild start to the day brought out Simons shorts and short sleeve jersey - most of us were still in tights though and I had a waterproof layer on ready for the forecast showers - that had to come off at the top of Crimp Hill as I was starting to boil in the bag! What a gorgeous morning!

Ride London-Surrey 100 - British Cycling Club Challenge

An email has been sent to all members about the British Cycling Club Challenge which offers members of BC-affiliated cycling clubs places in the Ride London-Surrey 100 Sportive on 29th July.


Please respond if interested in a place in a club team.


Pace Sportive - 21 April 18

We have been sent the details of the following local sportive in aid of a good cause:


Reliability Ride - 25th Feb 2018

Great to see 16 club members out for the annual early season Reliability Ride around a 80km route south from Bird Hills.



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