Meet the man who can get lost leaving the Car Park! - Stu Aukland



Those of you who ride with the faster group will have met Stu, well most of us know the view of his posterior! Stu seams to spend hours on the front of the group pulling us around, or perhaps that should say making us suffer. Read on to find out more about him:


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?

Meet MDCC's Chairman - Andrew Payne


Andrew is one of the clubs longest serving active members, and has been part of the Sunday morning fast group longer than anyone else. Often referred to as the metronome, due to his smooth riding style, you will regularly see him at the head of the group nearly always in cut offs or shorts, no matter what the temperature. Read on to find out more about Andrew:


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?

We speak with the club's European Champion - David Dyer


Most of us know about David's cycling exploits, but do you know he was last year's European Duathlon Champion in his Age Group? Read on to find out more about one of the clubs key committee members:


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?

Meet MDCC's own Pocket Rocket - Bernie Phillips


Bernie is one of the stalwarts of our club TT’s, and has gone from just giving it ago on his road bike to a fully-fledged aero Time Trialer. So let’s find out more about the little man with the big character?


Q. When did you start and what made you start cycling?


Zwift Virtual Club Rides

Our first virtual Sunday morning club ride is taking place on 29th March at 8:30am.

To hear about this and future rides, members should contact Sarah Davies in order to join the MDCC WhatsApp group.  

Talking Cycling and in particular Road Racing with Guy Davis


Guy is now a Second Claim member of the club having joined Thames Velo, as they were better able to support his road racing ambitions. This was a move MDCC fully supported , and was obviously the correct one, as he was successful in gaining 2nd Cat status for next year. Guy still supports the club by joining the Sunday rides when he can, and many of us have had the "pleasure" of being dragged round on his wheel for many miles! So lets find out a bit more about Guy:

Sunday's Hill Climb is Cancelled

Due to lack of interest, both from participants and members willing to help, we are unfortunately cancelling this Sunday's hill climb.


How does Heather Manage Motherhood and Cycling - Read on and find out


Q. Congratulations on the birth of Harry. How are you finding getting back into training


Along with Mike Henley and Sarah Davies, I was one of three members of MDCC who completed the Paris-Brest-Paris Audax last week.  This iconic long-distance ride traces its origins back to 1891 and takes place every four years.  All entrants are required to complete a series of pre-qualifying and qualifying rides of increasing length before attempting to ride the distance of 1,218km from the outskirts of Paris to Brest on the north west coast of Brittany and back in 90 hours or less.



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