Time Trial Handicap Championship Rules

  1. The handicap will be run over the 24 club 10 mile time trials held between April and September.
  2. Club members have defined target times for each of the three courses used, which are calculated from the average of their times over those courses for the previous season, excluding the medium gear championship 10.
  3. Members without times recorded on those courses in the last season will be given estimated target times.
  4. For each event, members will be awarded one point for every 10 seconds, or part thereof, that they beat their target time for that course.
  5. At half season members' target times will be recalculated as the average times for the preceding half season. If no time has been recorded for a particular course, the existing target time will be used.
  6. To encourage members to contribute to the running of events, the rider's best 9 events of 12 for each half season will be used for points scoring purposes.
  7. Members riding the club medium gear championship 10 on will be awarded 5 points for completing the event, in addition to any received for beating their target time.