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Welcome! If you think cycling clubs are just for blokes with shaved legs and a bad taste in lycra, you're not alone. However, there's a lot more to cycling - it's one of the most diverse and accessible sports, with categories for age, gender and disability.

The go-ride scheme was introduced by British Cycling (the national governing body for cycling racing) to introduce riders to cycling, starting with basic handling skills and progressing to short rides away from local traffic. This will build confidence, make your riding less effort and more comfortable.

You will be introduced to several disciplines, including track, MTB, cyclo-cross, road-racing and cycle speedway. At each stage a coach is there to introduce you to the sport, learn the skills needed to enjoy the day and monitor your progress. You can record your results on the national website, and compare it to other riders throughout the country.

Even if you just want to ride to school/work, this is a great introduction as the skills needed to avoid a tree-stump or control a slide on a muddy field are the same as dodging a missing manhole cover or coping with a slippery road surface.

More details about the different activities:
Using the British Cycling coaching programme, trained coaches take you through a series of basic handling skills in a safe location. more...
Short rides using local cycle routes, bridleways and the Sustrans network. more...
Our outreach program for introducing schools and youth groups (e.g. scouts, rangers) to cycling. more...
Please wear a helmet and gloves for these activities, and bring a bottle of water.
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