All the time trialling in this country is controlled by Cycling Time Trials (CTT). There are various ways to start time trialling all of which are run by organisations affiliated to the CTT. Their website has more information about starting to compete in time trials. There are two categories of time trials:
  1. Type A
    These are Open and Association time-trials. You'll need to be a member of a club affiliated to the CTT to enter these. Some experience is a good idea - particularly over the standard distances of 10, 25, 50 & 100 miles - to qualify for a start place. Other distances, on sporting courses, may take novice riders but you should contact the event organiser first.
    There will be an HQ and the junctions are marshalled.
    Courses are normally on fast trunk roads.
    The events are listed on the CTT website.
  2. Type B
    These are Club events. This is where you're likely to start your TT experience, normally over 10 miles. If you're not a member of a cycling club affiliated to the CTT, then look out for 'Come & Try It' events; these are organised with the beginner in mind. Otherwise clubs anticipate you can average over 20mph, this might seem a little exclusive, but club events usually run in the evening and are timed to be after the rush hour and before sunset - a slower rider might be still on the course as the light fades.
    Courses are on sporting routes, but some are on faster routes.
    The events are listed on the London West District (LWDC) website.

How to enter

Club Events

Open Events

Open time trials are run on a much more formal basis, with an event head quarters where you collect your race number and the results are shown after the event (details of your start time and HQ location are sent by post prior the event). Details of these events nationwide can be found in the CTT yearbook which is also available from your Club's racing secretary at the beginning of the year. To enable you to get some times on the faster (and thus more popular) courses, there are local associations like the West London Cycling Association (WLCA), who run open events but give preference to riders from local clubs. Look out for their events in the yearbook when planning your season if you need to get some qualifying times.
Alternatively your Club may be affiliated to the West London Combine (WLC). Entry to their events (details are also published in the LWDC Handbook) is done on a block entry - if you want to enter a WLC event ask your secretary to submit your name about three weeks before the event). These events are more informal as there is no H.Q. and the details of start times, etc. are sent to the Club who will then inform you. The cost of these events is similar to Club events.


Each event is, of course, a competition in its own right both against your season best (SB) and personal best (PB) times, and against the other competitors that night. However, there are other competitions that also run at Club, Association, District and National levels - at each level your times are compared to more and more riders.

Competitions may be for a single performance on a particular date, averaged over the season, or a Best All Rounder (BAR). The BAR competitions are keenly fought as they average the speed based on your season best performance at various distances - starting at ten and 25 mile events for juniors, all the way to the 50/100/12 needed to win the BBAR (Best British All Rounder) national competition held by the CTT.

For Juniors, there's the GHS competition where younger riders (12-17) compete at Club level to achieve a standard time over 10 miles. This allows you to progress to the District qualifying round. If you are at the top of your age category, you are eligible to race at the National GHS round in September. To show progress you'll receive certificates and (sometimes) medals as you progress through the rounds.

We run a ten mile time trial every Thursday evening from April to September, details of which can be found in the London West District's (LWDC) yearbook (available from the club secretary at the beginning of the year). We also have a '10' on Boxing day and a hill climb in October. Entry to all these is on the line, turn up about 15 minutes before that start time and sign in.