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HCC234 - Shurlock Row Circuit

Map of HCC234.
OS Ref.DescriptionDist
851751START in Mare Lane near Beenhams Heath at junction with Drift Road.0.000
833745Turn left into Drift Road and continue to Shurlock Row where bear left (M1) and left again after approx 150 yds to the junction with Straight Mile (M2).1.492
846732Turn left and continue over the Motorway to the junction with Howe Lane (M3).2.679
860753Turn left into Howe Lane and continue to the roundabout at the junction with Drift Road (M4).4.239
850752Turn left into Drift Road to go over the motorway bridge to the Mare Lane sign.4.842
848752Continue west to repeat the circuit to the Mare Lane sign. 
Continue west on the Drift Road to a tree 20 yards after overhead power cables where FINISH.10.000
London West
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