Maidenhead and District Cycling Club

General Rules and Regulations Amended 2019


[1] The name of the club shall be the ‘Maidenhead and District Cycling Club'


[2] Club colours shall be Red, Black and White to the design approved by the Executive Committee and shall be worn by members representing the club in open and association events.


[3] The object of the Club shall be to foster interest in and to encourage participation in, both competitive and non-competitive cycling in the Maidenhead and surrounding area.


[4] Membership of the club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs.


[5] The Club shall affiliate to those organisations that the Executive Committee consider appropriate. Details of any proposed affiliations will be circulated via email to club members at least one week ahead of commitment, to allow any objections to be raised.


[6 ] The Club shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of the following Officials:-

  • Chairman
  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Officer
  • Social Officer
  • IT Officer
  • Competitions Officer
  • Sportive and Social Ride Officer

Only current club members are eligible to serve on the Executive Committee and all of these officials will be elected annually at the AGM.

Addition positions can be created at the AGM on condition of the members majority vote.


[7]Any further official or delegate found necessary shall be elected by the Executive Committee during the year, but will not serve on the Committee unless voted to do so at the next AGM.


[8] Only duly elected members shall hold an official position in the club, vote upon the affairs of the club, or represent the Executive Committees views as a Club Delegate to another body.


[9] The Executive Committee shall meet as necessary to transact the Club’s business, with 4 members to form a quorum. Any member absent from two consecutive meetings without affording reasonable excuse, or obtaining leave of absence, shall be deemed to have resigned and the Committee may fill the vacancy.


[10] The Executive Committee shall have the power to appoint Sub-Committees for special purposes.


[11 ] The Executive Committee can make discretionary awards both monetary and in kind to support club members in cycling activities such as cycle and related coaching courses, racing, or anything else that the Committee thinks would further the individual activities of Club members or general Club activities.


[12] A candidate for membership of the Club shall apply on the Club application form and deposit it together with the appropriate subscription with the Membership Officer. If the Membership Officer consider any application to be inappropriate they will raise it with the Executive Committee for consideration


[13] Honorary or Life Membership shall be awarded to any person at the discretion of the Executive Committee


[14] The subscription fees shall be agreed by the Executive Committee. The subscription shall cover the financial year of January 1st to December 31st. Members who join on or after 1 September the full subscription fee applies, but this will cover them for the remaining part of the year, and the following year.

A junior is one who is under eighteen on January 1st.

A Juvenile is one who is under sixteen on January 1st.

A Veteran is one who is over sixty on January 1st.


[15] Members that have not paid their subscription for the new financial year will be allowed a three month “discretionary” period before being removed from the club “systems”.


[16] Second claim members shall be allowed to attend all Club fixtures. They may hold office and vote at General Meetings at the discretion of the Executive Committee.


[17] Second claim members will be permitted to ride private time trials in Club events but cannot compete for Club awards. They will not be allowed to ride in the name of the club. Second Claim members cannot set MDCC club records.


[18] A member accepting any club trophy automatically assumes the following responsibilities for that trophy:

  • Guarantee for its safe custody and due return in good order and condition
  • Undertake that it shall not be pledged, pawned or loaned or handed to any third party
  • It shall not be exhibited for any trade purpose.
  • Undertake to return it on demand, within seven days of its demand.

If any of the foregoing conditions be broken then the General Secretary shall have power to demand the immediate return of the trophy.


[19] A member intending to withdraw from the Club shall give notice in writing to the Membership Officer and their membership terminate as of an agreed date.


[20] All members are expected to assist in the running of the Club activities in some way during the course of the year e.g. Thursday evening and Open Time Trial Time events organised by the Club.


[21]A member shall be liable for expulsion from the Club by the Executive Committee for violation of the Rules stated in the Constitution or for being guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests and good name of the club. Any member so expelled shall have the right to appeal to a SGM called under Rule [26].


[22] An Annual General Meeting shall be held in January or February each year and at least twenty-eight days’ notice of such a meeting shall be sent to all members. Items for the Agenda are to be received by the General Secretary at least seven days in advance of the meeting. The Agenda is to be published five days in advance of the meeting.


[23] A President and any number of Vice Presidents shall be appointed by the Executive Committee, and approved by majority vote at the following AGM.  The position of Vice President shall not debar a member from holding an official position in the Club.


[24] Club members not able to attend the AGM who wish to vote in electing officers or on AGM resolutions in the agenda can vote by proxy as long as their votes are submitted in writing to the chairman prior to the start of the AGM.


[25] Only members present can vote on items brought up at the AGM under ‘Any Other Business.’ Contentious items brought up under AOB can be referred to an SGM at the discretion of the Chairman.


[26] A Special General Meeting must be called by the General Secretary within 14 days of the receipt by him/her of a requisition in writing, signed by not less than ten members of the Club or the Executive Committee, stating the business to be brought before such a meeting. No other business shall be dealt with at any such meeting.


[27] The Club’s financial year shall commence on January 1st and end on December 31st, after which date the Treasure shall prepare the Final Accounts which shall be audited by the one Auditor elected at the previous AGM.


[28] No alterations or additions to the Rules shall be made without the proposed changes being circulated to all members via email from the Executive Committee. The changes will be deemed accepted within fourteen days if no written objection has been received.

Should objections be received the changes can be deferred to the AGM or an SGM be called under Rules [26].


[29] Members may vote to wind up the Club at an AGM. Should this occur the Committee will be responsible for the orderly winding up of the Club’s affairs and all assets.


[30] The interpretation of these Rules and of any matters arising and not provided for in them shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee, whose decision shall be binding on all parties.


[31] The Constitution shall be published on the Club Website and available for reading by all club members