Use of Time Trial bars

In line with UCI rules and the recommendations of British Cycling, the Club does not allow use of “bulls horn” type aero bars on group social rides (see Time Trial bar designs in column 1 below). This ban applies whether the bars are clip-on bar extensions or an integral part of the bike’s cockpit.
The reasons are quite simple:
  • Forward-facing bars and bar-end shifters are a potential danger to others in the event of a crash
  • They improve aerodynamics but at the expense of steering control
  • Response time is increased when braking
  • Hand signalling is impaired
The Club may take a more relaxed view of certain short, stubby Tri-bars which are little more than arm rests and for this reason are often favoured by audax riders. Such clip-on bars are usually sold as “UCI-legal” (see Tri-bar examples in column 2 below). Caution is still required if riding in a group and the Group Leader has the final decision on whether or not using such bars should be allowed on the day.