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Looking back at the club with Hon Member Stephen Pitts


Following on from our interview with Life Member John Parfitt, it is great to get catch up with Honorary Member Stephen Pitts, and get another view of what the club, and cycling used to be like.

Q. When did you start cycling, and how many years did you ride for?

Trevor Bradbury - Showing no signs of slowing down!


For those of you who do not attend the club's TT's, or go out with the fast group, you could be forgiven for not knowing Trevor. However, those riding with the that group know him well, or rather know his back well, as we try to hold his wheel! Age certainly does not seem to be having any effect on his performances.


A Chat with Fast Group Regular - Peter Loveridge

Q. When and what made you start cycling

Meet Gagan - one of the clubs younger members

Q. When and what made you start cycling

A look back in Time with Life Member John Parfitt


We thought it would be a change to catch up with someone who can go quite some way back into the club history, and tell us what the club, and cycling, was like before the recent boom. Life Member John, has kindly agreed to be interviewed, and tell us about his experiences.


Q. Can you tell us about how you got into cycling?

An Interview With Medium Ride Group Regular Pete Noble


Q. When and what made you start cycling

A. Like a lot of people I started riding when I was a kid. By the the time I was in my late teens I was doing some pretty high mileages on my Dawes Shadow.... and then I passed my driving test, got a car and all thoughts of bike riding were gone.

She may be new to the club but Marcie has already had an impact – Read on to find out more


Q. When and what made you start cycling

A. I started cycling in May 2017 as part of rehabilitation after a knee operation. The surgeon advised no running going forward if I could help it but that cycling is pretty good for knees. So I bought a road bike and off I went!


Q. What sort of riding do you enjoy

A Chat With David Ferris - Possibly The Clubs Most Improved Member Since Covid


Q. When and what made you start cycling.

A. I started cycling when I was in my 20’s and my go to route was a 30 mile loop around Windsor Great Part and Virginia Water. That was hard work on a Reynolds 501 with downtube shifters.

A busy Sunday for MDCC

What a busy morning it was for Maidenhead and District Cycling Club, as 33 people arrived at 0830 at Braywick ready to head out for a club ride, and our 30 mile time trail at 10am on the H29/18 course.  


Meet Deaneo - But where did he come from?

Q. You have been a member of MDCC for a relatively short time. What is your cycling background?

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