Ben Payne - Find out why he enjoys Cycling


Those of you who know Ben will be aware that he has the challenge of having a prosthetic leg, and Andrew as his dad! However, the former does not seem to be holding him back as he is regularly seen pulling on the front of the Black group rides. Read on to find out more about him.


Q. You have amazed the Black group by your strength and speed, but what challenges does riding with a prosthetic leg present?

Club 10 Mile Time Trial - 12 May 2022

Event type: 
10 Mile Time Trial
Callum Macleod
Winning Time: 


Toture 40 club ride - 8th May.

The red group assembled to tackle the Torture 40. This hill fest of a route (according to our TT legend Andre Payne) was set by the Reading Cycle club. No doubt in an attempt to finish off anyone brave enough to try it.

MDCC Blue/Green Groups - Pangbourne for Coffee - Sunday 1 May 2022

That is a rather uninformative and prosaic title for what was really a very interesting and varied ride.


We could have hijacked the soccer commentator’s cliché and called it “A Ride of Two Halves” because that is exactly what it was: a flat and fairly fast ride out through Hurst, Swallowfield and Arborfield on what is essentially the route of the old “Reliability Ride” before swinging Northwest towards Theale and hammering down the main road to Pangbourne.


MDCC Green Group - Annual Ibstone Bluebells Pilgrimage - Sunday 24 April 2022 By Mark Reynolds (With acknowledgements to Sam. Pepys)

Awoke betimes and gratefulle no unsettlynge signs of the Sicknesse which hath befallen fellowe cycliste, Andrew Barker (praye God he recovers rite speedilye).

Open 50 Mile Time Trial - 10 July 2022

Event type: 
50 Mile Time Trial
H50/17 - A420 Kingston Bagpuize to Faringdon

Club 50mile Campionship. Online entry via

Open 100 Mile Time Trial - 29 May 2022

Event type: 
100 Mile Time Trial
H100/88 - A31 Bentley

Club 100mile championship - online entry via

Black Group Formation Riding on April 17th - Report by David F


Big group of 9 today, comprising of myself, Mike W, Ben, Dean, Jon, Malcolm, Allain, Tom G and Matt. With Jon and Matt in the group this week we knew it was going to be a fast one.

The “flat” route as issued by Mike was a southerly ride to Bramley via Arborfield.

A lovely orange paced ride in the sunshine

By John Davies, regular Orange group rider


Eversley Cross - Sunday Green route 10-4-22

By Rob Ingle - regular Green group rider


I’d originally planned the route with a -1 degree in cloud start, so was more than pleased to arrive at the carpark with 2 degrees showing in bright sunshine, with the temperature rising during the ride.


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