Club TT Helpers - 2018

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We will need your help for the 2018 TT season

Lining up volunteers to help run our club can be a challenge. We will need your help this season to keep our club events going, and we will publish more details on this soon. There are four roles that we need to fill at each event and details of these can be found below. There is nearly always an experienced person on hand to help out new volunteers, so if you are not competing why not give it ago.

Signing On

This involves manning the signing on table, taking money, handing out the numbers and ensuring people sign the signing on sheet, as well as explaining the format of the event to newcomers. £3 for members, £4 for non-members.

Pushing Off

Holding each riders bike and pushing them off on the countdown. It is useful to have two volunteers for this activity to spread the load.

Start Timekeeper

This involves checking the riders number is in sequence, counting down each rider with the stopwatch from 30 secs, 20, 10, 5-1 and then go.

Finish Timekeeper

Recording the time and number of each rider to finish. You just press the split time button on the watch and then write this down along with the riders number as they pass the finish line. The watch has a recall function so provided you press it and note the riders number then it can all be sorted out at the end. This helps when 2-3 riders pass in quick succession. If you have time between riders passing you can then work out the true finish time. You simply take the riders race number from the finish time. I.e. Rider 10 passes the finish line with a stop watch time of 31 minutes. 31 minus 10 equals 21 mins.