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Cyclo-Cross racing


I am thinking of getting into Cyclo-Cross racing this year, to gain some experience in competitive racing and mixing up my training over the winter to keep me motivated.

Anyone else interested? Can the club become affiliated to the Wessex league (its £30 for the year)?

The first round/race starts this coming weekend in Newbury, although the first race I can attend isn't till the 20th September on the Isle of Wight. Full calender can be found using the link below

I hope other people can join

Spare Garmin for Saturday?


A terrible disaster has occurred, my garmin has died a terminal death. (yes, yes, I've tried the hard reset)

I can send it off to garmin and they do replacements for about £80 rather than spending 2 or 300 on a new one, but there is a 10 day turnaround. It's bad enough training without one (!) but I'm doing the National 10 on Saturday, and would really like to know whether I'm riding at 15mph or 30mph. I can't become the National Champion if I don't have a garmin, so just wondering whether anyone had a spare one, or was planning a nice weekend on the sofa?

Tour of Britain Stage 7

Tour of Britain stage 7 (Saturday, September 13th) starts in Camberley.


Hopefully going to cycling over to see either the start or pick a hilly spot (maybe the Hogs back) to watch.

Garmin Sharp Ride out

Anybody else doing this on 5/9? Happy to car share if so.


10 minute hill?

Hi - I need a hill for my training session this weekend that takes about 10mins to climb. 

I can't think of any that are that long and are proper hills. Pishill is too shallow and Dunshill too short, as are the others. 

Can anyone suggest any relatively nearby?


Prudential Ride London

Fantastic Weather on Sunday, and as usual I was dressed for the occasion! No chance of dehydration, however the weather didn't put a dampener on proceedings. Commiserations to Team 2 narrowly finishes behind Team 1 in the Prudential Ride-London. Now to strip the bike and grease each bearing.
See you next year !

How was the wet and shorter ride London?

How did all those doing ride London get on?  I know it was cut short (shame).  Myself and Danuta both went down to Bentley (h25/8) and neither rode due to the conditions.

A great turn out lastnight

A great turn out with the club making up 50% of the riders. Plenty on to the pub afterwards and good to see Peter Bell too. Let's hope next week we get a float night for our final run on the H10/2 this year. With further roadworks planned it will hopefully be even safer and quicker next year.

The results should be showing now - first time posting up and had to fudge the formatting a bit but hopefully everyone can see them.

Birds Hill - Don't be put off

Hi all - at the TT social lastnight it became apparent that a few may have been put off coming to the BH group due to the recent pace.

Granted they've been a bit quick recently but this has been mainly due to the routes and tailwinds. Plus it's peak of the season so a few are quite strong at the mo.

We do wait for anyone who drops off/has a mechanical and we'll drop back and pace someone back on if needed too.

Don't be put off, come along and enjoy. We had 10 out last Sunday and it was a great ride.


Weekday riding


I have got the bug for the Thursday time trials, although not to the standard of some of the long time TT'ers I would like to get a little faster. So I'm looking to see if there is anyone who is sometimes around during the day( I work 2-2-4) who would like to go riding.
I find it hard on my own riding and don't feel the benifits I could with riding with another person.



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