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Pete Weir in the national 10

Good luck to Pete Weir, riding in the national 10 this Sunday. He'll have his work cut out against the likes of Michael Hutchinson, Andy Tennant, John Tuckett, and even olympic team pursuit medalist Ed Clancy, but I'm sure he'll do the club proud.

Cramp in calf muscle

Could I just get some opinions....

At last weeks 10 my calf muscle started to cramp at about 7 miles. I was heading for a good time so I decided to ride through it the best I could and managed to finish the course....just!
Since Thursday night, things got a lost worse and I thought I'd damaged the muscle.
The muscle was sore on Friday, but nothing like the pain I was in on Saturday and Sunday.

Go Ride

Thanks for the go-ride session today - Sam loved it (shame we cant make next week as he wants to learn to use his gears!)

Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who made this happen - I am CRB checked (and may regret saying this!) so please ask if you want me to help with these events any time.

Sarah Davies

10mile tt on H10/8 29th May from 2pm

Hi Folks,

I am going to do the above 10tt on A31 @ Bentley on the Saturday afternoon.  Anyone interesting on coming along as well.  The course is generally faster than the A4 and is on dual carriageway which is not normally too busy.

Entries need to be received by this Tuesday (18th) and cost 7.00.

comments on 13th May club 10tt

At signing-on Joe Francis arrived and asked me when was May last this cold.  Well I can't remember.  On the start line my computer said it was 7 deg C at 8.15 and had dropped to 4 deg C about 30mins later.  I even had to scrap frost off my car this morning at 6.45am.

Other thoughts:

Jo Edwards should try to spend more time on the tri-bars.  I can't complain too much as I used to be on and off the bars all the time and often stopped pedalling for a few seconds.

Anyone entering the Hounslow 100 ?

Last year I assisted Simon Greenland, handing out bottles and encouragement at the Hounslow 100 time trial. This year's event is on 4 Jul and I am happy to do the same for all club riders taking part.

So come on, show yourselves. Who's going to enter?

Knowing our club members


Is it possible now to add a mug shot of each and every one of us so that members old and particular new know who we all are. If we can have a fellow members section, where would it sit within this private login members area.

Just getting to grips with the site, I can see the effort that has gone in to it. Well done! Are we optimising the site or is found as and when.



Womens Racing

I dont know if anybody noticed, but there was a major women's road race on the local Hawthorn Hill - Drift road circuit last Sunday afternoon. I was out there for the finish of the Archer race in the morning and saw one of our ladies riding the circuit but thats all i saw of our club. I stayed for the Women's race as I know many of them and my son Gavin was doing the photography for BC

There is a report and photographs at http://new.britishcycling.org.uk/road/article/roa20100418-Twickenham-CC-Women’s-Team-Series-RR-0 with a Flickr slide show.

Worried about helmet hair.

For all those members who worry about helmet hair. The nuggets and words of wisdom from the Western Australian Government can set your mind at ease. Follow the link to find out more....http://www.dpi.wa.gov.au/cycling/15355.asp

Some ideas for our Track Championships

There are some good ideas for events for our track championships here. Now where can we find some tandem chariots?


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