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Watching Tour de France on Saturday with some beer

Anyone interested in watching the Alp d'Huez stage in Windsor on a big screen with some beer?


H25/8 4-up team tt on Sunday morning 23rd August

Any club members (especially regulars from Bird Hills ride) want to do this event with me.  we can enter multiple teams and there is also options 2up as well.

Enteries will need to be in a couple of weeks before the event.

Ride London 100 2015 - start times and transport

As the previous topic got rather unwieldy, here is a new one to discuss start times and transport/sharing lifts etc.


(I will edit this top post to include all start times, so email me when you have them)


Start times:

06:03  Orange/A    Stu Auckland

06:24   Blue/D        Lee Kettle/Andy Waters/David Booth/Sebastien Burley

06:39  Orange/G   John Irwin

07:24  Blue/E         Taran Panesar

Silverstone 9 Team TT

I was lucky enough to race with RP Racing on Friday night in their mixed team which was made of 7 males, 2 females, an age range of about 25 years from youngest to oldest and a wide range of abilities. This was at the Silverstone race circuit and a big thanks to Steve an Ed Giles for the invite.

ToC Crono

I rode the inagural Tour of Cambridge Crono today. 28Km sporting course on closed roads.

A very windy day with a SW 18mph wind which made for the first third head wind, second third cross winds and then the final third a tail wind.

Tough conditions but dry and sunny. A very professional event for amatuers with indoor starting ramp, supplied turbo's and staff for final warm up and timing chips.

Matthew Bottrill was fastest with a 34:11.

Sunday TT H10/2 - GS Henley

GS Henley are running a club TT on the H10/2 Sunday morning if you need your race fix after this week's cancellation. 8am, enter on the line.



Box Hill 3rd May

On Sunday the 3rd May, The proposal is for the Birds Hill Sunday ride to go to Box Hill, the ride will be a bit longer than usual, unless Stuart needs to be home on time!
Let me know if that suites you all.


Swedish classic challenge 4 events in one year

As some of you know, a fair few friends are participating in the 300k Vätternrundan ride in Sweden in June.

Now this in itself is quite a challenge, but in effect it's only a quarter of the Swedish Classic challenge.

Within one 12 month period, the attempt is to swim, run, cross country skiing and cycle.
The swim is outdoors 3km with wetsuit due to the temperature, the run is 30k in terrain (equal to a marathon), skiing is 90k and the ride 300k.

I will attempt the Skiing next year, followed by the other events.

Closed road TT at Dorney Lake 6th August 2015

See this link http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/News?udt_1579_param_detail=1271 with the announcement.  The online entry system can be found at http://www.cyclingtimetrials.org.uk/Events-List.  select August and London West District.  As of today the event isn't listed, but keep checking back if you are interested.

Request for help for a Turbo activity for Children in Need

Today Nick (see below) has been with me requesting help on a charity event he is organising.  If anyone can help out please get in touch with him.


Hi Andrew,

It was good to talk to you today and thank you for your help. As I was explaining my office are looking to do an event for Children In Need. We are aiming to cycler the straight line distance from our office to Paris (230 miles). For this to happen we are in desperate need of at least 2 turbo chargers and a couple of bikes.

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