2010 Go-Ride Programme

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What a start! Our second week just as good as the first.

What a start we have had to this years Sportsbug fortnight. The first event which took place on the 15th of May and was very well attended. Twenty children had signed up for the hour and a half Go-Ride skills session.  They  ranged from seven  to thirteen years of age. We even welcomed back an number of riders for their second year.

After having the paper work completed by Peter Bell at his familiar table. The children received instruction on how to ensure their bicycles and helmets were safe to use. As all the riders were keen to get going the coaches soon had them on theirs bikes.














Within 10 minutes the children were weaving around the cones with great confidence.

Both Nigel and Paul would like to thank Andy Richardson and Andrew Paine for assisting with the event. It certainly ensured that all the riders were giving the encouragement and reassurance that they required. Towards the end of the session the group was split into two. This allowed both sets of riders to take on the challenge of the limbo pole and the timed obstacle course. The session ended with all those who took part saying that they really enjoyed the afternoon.

We now are looking forward to our next session on Saturday the 22nd of May.

Go-Ride / Sportsbug May 22nd

The second week of this year free sessions proved once again to be very popular. We were blessed with wonderful weather which not only brought out the young riders but we even had a gallery of spectators. As we had a number of first time riders the children were split into those who had attended our sessions and those who had not. Those who had ridden before were soon into this weeks session which concentrated on the correct use of the bicycles gears. While this was going on the newest riders were making sure that both their bikes and helmets were safe to use. After this short instruction they were quickly following the others riders all keen on how to use the gears correctly.

Some keen riders at our recent Go-Ride Session.

Once again this event run smoothly as our coaches were well supoorted by a good number of club members. Malcolm Brewer, Andrew Payne, Andrew Small and Paul's son Philip. There was great interest in this years Go-Ride programme. We hope to expand our delivery next year so if there are any  members or non members who woud like to know more please contact Paul Richardson or Nigel Shurben.