Discounts for 2018 Club Members

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The club have negotiated discounts with the following three local companies:

Sams Bike Shop

01344 360922

Sams is a Specialized outlet and he has 40 years’ experience in the bike industry.  

Club members will get a 10% discount on shop prices.


07891 425865

Sportshealer is run by Steve Bolt who is a Sports Therapist. He is offering 2018 club members the following reductions:

Original cost of full consultation and first treatment £70 which lasts for approx 1hr. This would reduce to £17.50 for the consultation [half price] and 20% off the cost of treatment, originally £35 (£28). Therefore, the total cost of first treatment with consultation would be £45.50

Further treatments would be £28, 20% discount off normal charge

If a club member who has had an initial consultation with treatment and at a later date just wanted a 15min quick treatment, (IE flushing out of legs after a long/hard ride or competition). A charge of only £10 would be made.

Car Box

0800 689 1052

Car Box is run by long time committee member Stuart Auckland. Car Box will give a 10% discount on all items listed on their website. If you collect the item from his show room Stuart will even fit it for free.

All of these organisations have links in one way or another to the club and they are all located in Moss End Garden Village. Why not have a look at their websites and see if they can be of service to you.

Please note you will need to show your 2018 club membership cards to qualify for any discounts.