Hounslow & District 100 Results

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Four club members raced the H100/88 yesterday. It was a dry day although the wind got progressively stronger as the morning continued making the return towards Alton harder. All club members started in relative close proximity so the conditions were the same for everyone.


The notorious A31 ruts claimed it's victims again with Andrew suffering with neck cramp and my back going at the half way point. 


A huge thank you to Vicki Henley for being support and handing out the bottles - much appreciated. 


As you'll see it was a close race both at the half way point and at the end.



Mike Henley:      4:24:18 (2:10:04 at 50 miles)

Stu Auckland:     4:23:55 (2:05:36 at 50 miles)

Joe Francis:       4:27:21 (2:10:11 at 50 miles)

Andrew Payne:   DNF due to neck (2:05:19 at 50 miles)