Sportive Trophy 2015

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It was another year of impressive sportive mileage by club members with a new name on the club’s Sportive Trophy this year.  Well only a new name because Heather got married this year!  A number of sportives, a 24 hour ride from Newcastle to London and some long Audax’s (including a 600 km arduous ride across mountainous Wales that she probably won’t ever forgive me for encouraging her to do it!) led to an impressive tally of over 3,200 miles this year. 

This wasn’t actually as much as she has ridden in previous years, but would usually be enough to take the trophy comfortably.  However Mike Henley as well as riding a 24 hour TT (which is not included) became the first club member to complete the ultimate 1,200 km Audax of Paris-Brest-Paris and this (together with the numerous qualifying rides required such as the 600 km Windsor-Chester-Windsor) meant that he totalled over 3,000 miles as well.  Thanks mainly to a run of regular monthly 200 km Audaxes, John Irwin totalled over 1,600 miles and 3rd place.

Among other rides Sarah Davies and David Booth joined Magnus on the annual trip to Sweden for the Vätternrundan and this helped Sarah into 4th place ahead of Rob Ingle and I who on the same weekend enjoyed the closed roads Velothon Cymru around Cardiff.


Sportive Trophy Results 2015

1. Heather Martin-Dye   3,216 miles

2. Mike Henley             3,045 miles

3. John Irwin                 1,673 miles

4. Sarah Davies               984 miles

5. Rob Ingle                    914 miles

6. David Dyer                  696 miles