Some guests at the Clock Tower ride

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We had a couple of guests from the Birds Hill Group today - which was a bit scary at first, but they were both gentle on us. Andrew and Heather joined Dave D, Pedro, myself and new member Nikki for the ride in the ridiculously mild November weather this morning. It was mild and dry, but we knew that the southerly wind was going to really pick up, and with my hip injury I needed to try and keep things reasonably flat, so we started off on a route to Windsor Great Park through Eton, Datchet and Runnymede. We managed to avoid all the dogs/people/squirrels in the park- much to Heathers relief. We were not the only bike club to think a ride through the Park would be a good idea today - we saw several groups out.

Once out of the Park I had to leave things with Andrew as my geography gets a bit iffy around there. And it was really nice to have someone who could lead us along different roads on a different route. Because its mainly the same group of people out each week normally we get a bit stuck in a rutt and don't wander far from 2 or 3 standard routes. Whilst I couldn't tell you exactly how we did it, we went through Ascot, Binfield, Wokingham, Bracknell, skirted around Twyford and then back home.

Andrew and Heather took most of the time at the front - with a little help from Pedro at times. It was an easy ride for Andrew, I know, but it was nice to have his experience - both in the geography of the area and his ride leading skills as it was a really nice steady ride. I asked him for 45 miles - and thats exactly what we did, with an average speed around the 17mph mark. And it didn't rain!