Clock tower run - 18th Oct 15

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I thought it was about time I started writing the clock tower runs up again! Haven't written for a while...but we have still been going out each week.

This week was fairly quiet - lots of people had events on, although none quite as exciting as Dave D coming 20th when representing team GB in the World Duathlon Championships in Darwin - he completed the 10k run/40k cycle/5k run in 2h 24m which put him 20th out of the 42 in his Age Group - amazing!

Just 6 of us at the start today, Malcolm was there to see if there was anyone who wanted a slower ride, not today so he met up with Brian on the road to Twyford and the other 5 of us carried on - or should I say the other 4 carried on whilst I hung on at the back again - I have a hip injury, so I am using that excuse at the moment, but Tom, Steve, Matt and Pedro were again really strong today.

Some time constraints today, so we stayed fairly close to home to give people options to peel off. But to spice things up a bit we did regular roads - the other way round! Through Twyford and Sonning and along the road through Shiplake to Henley. We then went up the Hambledon Valley to Frieth - can tell we don't go that way too often as I can still get the odd trophy on Strava! We saw the Frieth 5 and 10km running and marvelled at the runners there for a while, before Pedro went straight on for home and we went up to Lane End and on to Marlow. I did lose the guys there - whilst I have some hope of drafting on the flat and hills, the speeds they managed going downhill are too good for me! Regroup and the bottom then home through Bourne End.

Now I say I was hanging on today, and I do have a hip injury - so I was actually not feeling too bad to see that the 40 miles was done at an average speed of 17.6mph. Just a bit depressed that Tom looked like he hadn't done much, and Matt was worried about eating a banana as he 'hadn't really done anything!' I enjoyed it, and hope one day to be back near the front again!