Vätternrundan 2014 - If you like flat fast group riding, this is the one!

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As some of the Clock Tower riders know, my main ride each year is a 300k ride in Sweden called Vätternrundan.
It's a timed sportive, and the course is fairly flat, compared to the ones I've done in the UK at least.

The ride is the largest in Sweden, by far, and most cyclists have it as their main event. It's in the middle of June, which in Sweden is a bit tricky to get the amount of training in because of the temperatures - we could have snow all the way in to April/May!
Due to the amount of people, the start is staggered, meaning from about 8pm on Friday 60 people are starting every other minute, all the way to 6am in the morning on Saturday. If you start early you have to have lights, but it's only dark for a couple of hours.

Most people going fast start as late as possible, to avoid the dark and the sometimes cold night.

Last year Mark, David, I and my friend Ola did it, please see the report here:
General information is at http://www.vatternrundan.se/

If you do not know if you can manage 300k in one go, do not worry, if you can do 100k you can do 300k, there are plenty of food stops and some people even take a nap during the night or massage during the pit-stops.
The aim is not really about how fast to go, it's more about enjoying the ride, meet people, see the landscape and ride as a group.

Already some people have said they are interested, and I volunteer again as the organiser, guide and translator.
Tickets are hard to get, so the earlier you let me know you are interested the better. Ticket sale open on 4th November and I expect them to go fast from the opening, last year they were gone in 2.5hrs.

Accommodation is easiest by camping, if you do not have the gear no worries, I have several tents.

I'll do some more persuasion during the next couple of club rides, starting on Clock Tower on 29th :)