Sunday 19th May Road Race instead of the normal group ride.

I’m not sure how many turned up for Sundays Bird Hills club ride as the regulars where either doing a road race around the Drift Road or providing support.

This was the 1st event in recent years where a team entered from the club for a road race.  The team consisted of Colin, Brett, Andy W and Michael S.  For Colin and Brett this was their first experience of road racing.

London Revolution

A Maidenhead group completed the 2-day London Revolution sportive this weekend.

Karen (colleague of Magnus), Magnus, Dave, Sarah, Mark, Dan


Club 10 Handicap table now online

The Thursday 10 handicap competition standings are now available on the championships page, which also has a link to the results table so you can check your target times.

Due to lack of data I could not come up with target times for some people. If you have no times then let me know what your current 10 time is likely to be and I will update the table.

Ever decreasing numbers....

It was breezy, yes, and not as warm as last week - but the sun shone and pulled 13 people to the Clock Tower on Sunday morning this week....some training for next weeks' Revolution, and 2 new members. We though that was a big group, but we managed to pick two ladies up as we were going through Cookham who were also doing the Revolution next week and didn't know there was an MDCC...they do now! That meant 15. Was it a record number...not sure, but it wasn't far off.

12th May Bird Hills group Ride - sitting on cross bars

With the weather looking promising for a Sunday morning ride, 11 riders turned up for the Bird Hills group ride. Danuta was a little frustrated as she was refused a ride on a 25tt round the Drift Road course.   This was compounded by Saturday’s race on H10/181 being cancelled due to poor weather.   (I got hailed on for the 3rd time on that course).   To make up for this, Danuta unusually suggested we should take the uphill route to Stoke Row past a radar dish, so with no objections and myself confirming I knew the road in question we set off.

London revolution

A few of us are riding the London Revolution this year on the 18th and 19th May. Would it be a good idea for us to get organised and share lifts? I have tentatively organised a lift with Magnus to the start (I think!) and my husband can pick us up from Windsor after day 1 (I left my bike overnight last year... Didn't feel like cycling home!) and drop us back at the start of day 2. If everyone who is going wants to comment here we can reduce the number of cars going to the start....


Clock tower run 28th April and this weekend

A cold but bright morning welcomed 7 riders to the Clock tower this week: Dave D, Gurpal, Magnus, me, my brother Ian, Anastasia and new member Michael. Anastasia wanted to try a long hill so we decided to go up Pishill. Starting along the A4, my saddle slipped and I was riding with my knees round my ears, so our first stop was in the Shire Horse car park to sort that out and get Anastasia's speedo to work.

Clock Tower Ride - 21st Apr - amongst the Sportives

I was aware that other attractions (including a couple of Sportives in the Chilterns) meant that many regulars wouldn't make the run this morning (although I gather Dan, Dave & Rob staged a Saturday alternative).  However the morning sun meant there was a good and different Clock Tower line-up of Mark, Anastasia, Daniel, Steven and I today.  Although the sun was out, I wasn't the only one who had seen yesterday's forecast saying Maidenhead would be the coldest place in Britain overnight at 2C and we noticed that the weather uncertainty had led to different decision

Was it really that nice yesterday?

A group of 10 strong left Birds Hill yesterday for Pangbourne. Like the Clock Tower group we didn't get very far before one of us punctured (Colin). Thankfully that was the only one and it was good going considering the recent rain.


It was clear wardrobe issues affected some as we had riders dressed for summer and others for winter. Everytime we stopped the latter could be seen taking something off. The Garmin said 20 degrees at one point and there was plenty of sun around - great stuff.


10 Thames Bridges 100km Audax

6 of us Dan, David B, Rob, Gurpal, Mark and I enjoyed one of the first warm days of the year today to take part in our local audax.  Unfortunately a puncture just one mile into the ride meant the MDCC team were soon behind the rest of the field.


Where is the support car when you need it?


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