Bird Hills 30th March - Heather takes a sprint victory

With the day starting cool but promising to get warmer the group gathered wearing layers that could easily be shed. Brett was the 1st doing this and left a layer under the trees in the Bird Hills driver way.  The other pre-ride discussions included Heathers encounter with a dog at the end of a race on H10/8, why Simon and Colin caught vastly different amounts of sun while spending a week together in Majorca and riders ages as Colin and Heather shared today as their birthdays.  In terms of the route, Les wanted to follow his ideas from last week, prior to various riders shortening it.

From the Archive - MDCC Dieppe Raid 1991


Since 1972 a series of rides have been organised by British cyclists at Dieppe to remember the Dieppe Raid during WW2. Details can be found here

MDCC riders supported this event for many years and some ex-members still attend.

Club 50 mile Reliability Ride - 16th Feb


Clock Tower Ride Report, next week Reliability Ride

Given the heavy winds and flooding there was much debate under the Clock Tower this morning about which direction would be easiest / safest.  As if to emphasise our concerns was the fact that Heather had joined us being the only member from the Bird Hills group out riding.  Fortunately Gurpal then arrived with Katie on the tandem.  Gurpal always has a plan and this morning it was to head towards Windsor Great Park.  Unfortunately we had barely reached Drift Road before one of the pedals had come off the tandem.

MDCC 2014 Dinner and Prize Presentation

Our annual Dinner and Prize Presentation was held at the Grenadier Guards Club, Windsor on Saturday18th January.

Time Trial Update - February


The club dates are agreed and loaded onto the calendar with just a few to add/amendments soon.

These include the West London Combined events - Remember that the WLC events are free to enter for club members. We’ll be in touch nearer the time for each and it would be good to increase club participation on these (but free doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to be a no-show).

Further details can be found on the CTT and WLC websites too:



A combined run

It was very cold and frosty this morning, so I was surprised to see so many people at the clock tower when I arrived a little late this morning! I soon realised, though, that the Birds Hill run had come over to test the roads - and found them very icy indeed. A couple of them decided to go home there and then, but 4 of them decided to come along with us.

29th Dec Bird Hills ride - never turn your bike over to fix a puncture!!!

On the first really cold day of the winter 8 hardy members (Simon, Brett, Heather, Les, Mike, Dan, Stuart and myself) arrived at the golf club with various tails of slippery roads.  However the general consensus was the main roads were ok. Simon noticed he’d forgotten a water bottle, so his house would be the first destination.

22nd Dec Bird Hills Group ride - In fighting cost the win.

With 8 riders (Simon, Mike, Stuart, Brett, Heather, Colin, Magnus and myself) at the golf club for the penultimate ride of 2013, no discussion was required regarding the route as that had already been agreed – The traditional, no brains required, route up Pishill.

Reliability Ride - 16 Feb 2014

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