A combined run

It was very cold and frosty this morning, so I was surprised to see so many people at the clock tower when I arrived a little late this morning! I soon realised, though, that the Birds Hill run had come over to test the roads - and found them very icy indeed. A couple of them decided to go home there and then, but 4 of them decided to come along with us.

29th Dec Bird Hills ride - never turn your bike over to fix a puncture!!!

On the first really cold day of the winter 8 hardy members (Simon, Brett, Heather, Les, Mike, Dan, Stuart and myself) arrived at the golf club with various tails of slippery roads.  However the general consensus was the main roads were ok. Simon noticed he’d forgotten a water bottle, so his house would be the first destination.

22nd Dec Bird Hills Group ride - In fighting cost the win.

With 8 riders (Simon, Mike, Stuart, Brett, Heather, Colin, Magnus and myself) at the golf club for the penultimate ride of 2013, no discussion was required regarding the route as that had already been agreed – The traditional, no brains required, route up Pishill.

Reliability Ride - 16 Feb 2014

Sportive Trophy 2013

Bird Hills group ride 15th Dec - TV presenters

As the group containing myself, Heather, Simon, Mike, Stuart and Colin assembled various discussions were had covering topics like: Colins new chain rings, getting back to watch Man U v Aston Villa  and some lightweight heated under gloves and feet warmers recommended by Heather.  Hopefully she’ll post a link for these.

1st Dec - Bird Hills ride - Chain maintenance and the Hare.

On arrival at the golf club just before 8.30 it didn’t appear fully light and it remain grey all morning.  A total of 9 riders gathered.  Les came armed with a chain checking tool to test Colin’s chain after his gear shifting problems of the previous week.  Today Colin was on his summer bike with the expectation that was all working well.  A couple of seconds later any joy disappeared as Les announce his chain was worn.  Several others were checked with about 50% tested being warn.  More bike maintenance required.

24th Nov Bird hills ride. deer and maintenance issues

A good crowd of 10 riders turned out on this cold morning and it’s good to see 7 in club kit. The remaining 3 riders blending in nicely with their choice of colours.  Colin was sporting a new helmet following his solo crash on the way home last Sunday.  Check out Strava for more details.  Brett indicated he had time pressures, but was happy for the group to do the Pangbourne route in reverse and he would peel off at some point.

An eventful run

2 new members joined us today, Andy and Saz, joining 7 regulars. We fancied something a bit different, avoiding the santas in Marlow! So, we took the A4 out of Maidenhead and turned left up Berry Hill, past Cliveden and to Beaconsfield. Everyone was staying together really well at this point, so after taking it steady over the M40 roundabout we zoomed down the hill into Wooburn Green and on to Bourne End. The pace started to pick up a bit and a few of us broke off and went ahead through Marlow (although I was dropped from the main group of Rob, John, Dan, Andy and Dave B).

Lesleys accident

For those of you out on the clock tower run this morning, just a quick note to say she is back from hospital - but unfortunately she has broken her hand. She sounded in good spirits, if in a bit of pain - the police women who drove her to casualty was lovely and stayed with her for a while.

She said she is going to get on the turbo trainer and keep her fitness up - she was really happy as she was keeping up well today - and will be back fighting fit as soon as she can.

I will write up the run soon for those who weren't there and are wondering what happened....


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