3rd Annual Box Hill Trip

Starting off later than planned meant we were able to persuade a couple of those arriving for the regular Bird Hills ride to join us for our 3rd annual ride out to Box Hill and back this morning.  This meant that eleven set out in a tight group along Drift Road and despite having to negotiate a road closure due to road works we all made it swiftly together to Box Hill. 

ITV Good morning Britain

Thanks to everyone who agreed to be filmed last night for Good Morning Britain - I know they were a bit intrusive at times when you were trying to focus on the ride ahead - but I think it will have showed us as a really friendly club who are happy to give advice to beginners even when we are preparing for a time trial.

They are going to be clipping in up and putting it into a package alongside Laura going up Box Hill, to be shown on Monday morning. I will drop Laura a text over the weekend to see if she can give me an idea of timings and if she can I will post here.

Birds Hill - 22nd June

Like the Clock Tower group, unsurprisingly the Birds Hill group also found themselves with a warm sunny start to the ride.

Nine riders were at the start mixing it with the Hounslow Club who were running a TT from there.

We decided on the traditional route that heads out to Sonning, Dunsden, Henley, Stonor, Phishill and then back down to Charvil, Twyford and Shurlock Row. Mike led us out and we headed on to Sonning Common.

Clock Tower Ride 22nd June

A great sunny morning for a ride meant that 12 of us met at the Clock Tower today.  A reminder to anyone interested that in most recent weeks we have been running a slower ride with a coffee stop for those who feel they are not ready for a longer ride.  Today three headed off for the slower ride meaning that nine headed out through Cookham and Bourne End to Marlow.  Just after crossing the A404 there was a large pop as Sarah's back tyre exploded and having decided it was not repairable she had to wait for a lift home.

The Vätternrundan

The Vätternrundan 2014
Stuart, Dave B and I met at Heathrow airport at some ungodly hour on Friday morning, and after an uneventful flight landed in Gothenberg to be met by Magnus and his trailer! After a 3 hour journey up Lake Vattern we arrived in Motala to put up the tents, unpack the bikes (in the rain) and cycle down into the town to register.

The famous Clock Tower ride (and Box Hill trip)

Well someone obviously thinks we are famous!  Whilst waiting by the Clock Tower this morning, we were approached by a group of tourists heading to the station who asked to have their photos taken with us.  No idea why!  Thanks again to Malcolm who offered to look after anyone who wanted a slower ride, even though there were no takers today.  Seven of us decided to go via Cookham and Bourne End to Marlow before climbing Frieth Hill and then further up through Turville Wood.  Of course what goes up must go down and this was followed by a quick descent via Pishill to H

Help required for 12hr TT on A31- 15th June

For the first time in many years a 12hr Time Trial is being held in the London West District on the 15th June on the A31 near Bentley. 12hrs really are special events so I would encourage you to enter if you are up for a challenge - you don't have to be a hardened 'tester' to ride a 12hr as it has a bit of a crossover into audax and randonner riding. As I'm sure you appreciate there is a lot of work involved in putting on as 12hr so if you aren't up for riding can I ask you to consider helping out for at part of the day - lots of marshals are needed so that no one is out there too long, you don't have to be available all day.

Clock Tower Rides 18th May

After only 3 of us braved last Sunday's winds, a gloriously sunny morning brought out 11 riders beneath the Clock Tower today, comprising a welcome mixture of old and new faces.


Clock Tower Ride 20th April, we're still here!

It was pointed out to me recently that there hasn't been a Clock Tower ride report for some time, so here's a quick note to assure everyone that we are still going strong.

Bird Hills 30th March - Heather takes a sprint victory

With the day starting cool but promising to get warmer the group gathered wearing layers that could easily be shed. Brett was the 1st doing this and left a layer under the trees in the Bird Hills driver way.  The other pre-ride discussions included Heathers encounter with a dog at the end of a race on H10/8, why Simon and Colin caught vastly different amounts of sun while spending a week together in Majorca and riders ages as Colin and Heather shared today as their birthdays.  In terms of the route, Les wanted to follow his ideas from last week, prior to various riders shortening it.

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