17th November club rides and the Maidenhead Advertiser

Hi Folks,

The Maidenhead Advertiser would like to do an article about the club and want to meet a group of members around 9am this sunday at the clock tower.  It would be as good to have lots of riders present in club kit.  The Birds Hill group will also swing by to increase the numbers, hopefully again all in club kit.

Thanks Andrew

Clock Tower Ride report - 10th Nov

At 8:58 it looked like we might have a Sunday ride consisting purely of Dave’s as Dave B, Dave S and I stood in a cool but sunny station car park.  However within 5 minutes we were up to 7 with Gupral, Lesley, Michael and Dan joining us.  We decided to take a steady course to Twyford aiming to keep together as a group.  Not long after Twyford we found a traffic jam in Sonning caused, not as usual by the queue for the bridge, but by a marching band heading down the street presumably heading to a Remembrance Day service.  After Sonning we took the hill up from Playha

Bird Hills ride - 27th October - Lost and Found

With the forecasting starting dry and rain later, 5 riders turned up hoping for a dry ride after getting soaked on the last two Sundays.  Based on the clothes being warn, rain wasn’t expected. Les and Anastasia were nearly in full summer kit with bear arms and legs, I was similar but with arm and knee warmers.  Colin had a full jacket and I can’t remember what Lucas wore.

Palmer Park on 31st October and 7th November

Following last Thursday evening at the Maidenhead rowing club there was interest to get a group of members down to Palmer Park on the next couple of Thursday evenings to a session of group riding.  The track is open to the public with the use of geared bikes only.  Riders are able to ride the track at their own pace or join a group.

I hope to see you there.

Andrew Payne

Clock Tower Ride – 13th Oct

What a difference a week can make.  Just seven days after I wished I had brought some sun screen with me on the Boundary Walk, the prospects of getting distinctly wet confronted the three of us who turned up at the Clock Tower this week.  Whilst the rest of you stayed warm and dry at home (with the notable exception of Sarah who bravely battled through a 77 miles sportive in Surrey), I was giving my new MDCC winter training jacket a try out, Dan came out on his new winter bike and a new David joined us for the first time.


Club Hill Climb - This Sunday 6th October


A fast clock tower run (with photos)

There was a good turn out this morning, as 12 of us set off from the Clock Tower to do what is quite a standard route for us now. We were joined by 2 of our old friends who have been out with the Bird Hills group more than with us recently (Magnus and Mark) so we probably should have know what was in store...I just hope we haven't frightened Lesley off who was only riding for the 2nd time with us...

Hilly 30 Start Sheet now available

The start sheet for Sunday's Hilly 309 can be found here.

An eventful clock tower run

Seven of us made it out on a chillier morning - autumn feels like its arrived. David D came along in his running kit to say hi before he went on to run the Maidenhead half marathon (which he did in 1 hour 43mins - well done!) and we had a chat about Gurpals 12 hour tt (196 miles - again well done!), and Dave B wanted to find a hill we had been down in the winter and do it again (but forgot to say that he wanted to go down it again....more on that later!)

Marlow Red Kite Ride - 1st Sep

As the good weather continued into September, six of us from the club (Sarah, Daniel, John, Michael, Rob and I) paid a neighbourly visit to this 100 mile event put on by the Marlow Riders.  Full credit to them as they put on a great show, very well organised with 3 good food stops complete with home made cakes.  The route started with a familiar climb through Frieth to Christmas Common (being careful to avoid those on GS Henley's TT) before descending to Watlington.  We then headed north through Thame spending much of the time on relatively flat and very quiet and pleasan

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