Clock Tower Ride - 7th June (and next few weeks - including Box Hill ride)

Sunday was a wonderful day for being out cycling and 5 members turned up for the Clock Tower Ride.  It was good to see Jane back again for a second time, especially as she had completed the Wokingham Triathlon the previous day.  Before we left we were given a bit of a history lesson, as a man approached us and commented that he was pleased to see us out riding as when he was young he used to come out on the club rides from the Clock Tower.  This was back when MDCC was still part of the Athletics Club, so I’m assuming in the 1960’s.

Tonight's TT (14th) Cancelled - Roadworks

Due to roadworks and traffic lights at Knowl Hill tonights TT is unfortunately cancelled.
They are expected to be there for 2 days and the resulting impact to traffic resulted in yesterday's TT with Middlesex RC being abandoned.

"Is it this left?" - Clock Tower Ride 3rd May

7 days ago I was racing in the European Duathlon Champs circumventing endless roundabouts in Madrid in torrential rain and hailstones, so I was hoping for slightly more comfortable conditions back in Maidenhead this morning.  However this was a UK bank holiday weekend so I wasn't entirely surprised to see the rain falling when I looked out of the window this morning.  It was one of those days when I wondered whether I would find anyone at the Clock Tower when I turned up, so I was pleased to meet both Steve (a prospective member keen for his first ride) and Rob. 

About time two! - Clock Tower Ride 19th April

Neither Sarah nor I could make the Clock Tower ride last weekend which pleasingly saw the brighter weather attract more new members.  However Rob Ingle and John Gibson ably looked after them and Rob sent the following report.  I hope you newbies enjoyed your ride and look forward to meeting you soon, though not sure who will be around this weekend (Rob, Sarah and I will all be absent).


About time...

We started writing our rides up again! And what better time than on a day when we had 10 riders at the clock tower, 4 of which were new members, and 3 of whom were ladies! Hoorah - a third of the riders were ladies - it was great to see and both the new ladies said they would be back, so thats fantastic.

2015 Club 10 Handicap now up and running

The club 10 handicap competition is now up and running and can be found here. If your name is not on the list it is because you have not paid your subs.

Joe Francis is already off to a flying start and has obviously been training hard over the winter.

Report from Hilly 30 on Sunday 8th March 2015

Hi Folks,

This link shows the provisional results and a short race report from today's hilly 30tt.

A big thanks to those who stood around on a fresh windy day to help make the event a success.  The sun didn't shine as promised.

The formal results will be published in the next couple of days.


Andrew Payne

Championship Dates

Hi, the following dates are pencilled in for our championship dates. They're in the calender too:

Time Trial Dates and Books

Hi - the club related dates are now on the calendar - club events, Open's run by the club plus the West London Combined events.


I also have the books available - both the CTT and West London ones, £10 and £6 respectively. If you'd like one please get in touch -



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