Week ending 28th June Open TT results

Star perforrmer this weekend goes to Heather for knocking 80sec of her 25tt pb, bringing it down to 57.21 at a course near Newmarket.  On Sunday morning Stuart raced on the H10/17r nr Kingston Bagpuize (the other side of Abingdon) in a 21.33 clearly feeling better from Thursday club TT.  On Saturday afternoon myself and Jorj went to Bentley H10/8.  Jorj completed in 24:xx and I did a course pb in 22.03.

4th annual Box Hill club ride - 28 June

18 club members and guests rode this morning's trip to Box Hill and back.  The weather was fine on the way there and also at Box Hill but showers hit us on the return journey.  I was in a slower group of 7 on the way back but from chatting to those there at the golf club afterwards I think everyone stayed mostly en route and made it back safely.


Club Ride to Box Hill - this Sunday 28th June

This Sunday we have a Club Ride to Box Hill and back leaving Bird Hills at 8:00.  I have sent an email with details to all members.  If you didn't get it you can contact me at or 07714 314925.  


I also proposed a trip to ride the London Olympic velodrome.  Again if you haven't seen this, contact me for details.



And a quick clock tower one too...

And a quick write up of he Clock tower...which was also fairly brisk!

8 of us today - Dave Booth and I in club tops, everyone else was either new or fairly new and Jane brought her Dad along for a fathers day 'treat' (he was down from Manchester and a very strong rider)

We did the reliability route - as I wasn't sure about everyones level of riding so wanted to keep it fairly flat, and one of the guys needed to get back and lived in Bracknell. I needn't have worried - there were some strong riders out there today.

Bird Hills ride -21st June - Gravel and Ladies Tour of Britian

Just a short write up of todays Bird Hills club ride.  We had 7 regulars and 2 new riders dragged along by Matt and Les and 10th who ridden once with this group and a couple of times with the clock tower group.  The general agreement was 'reverse' of a normal route, then round to Stokenchurch / Lane End to watch the ladies Tour of Britain.

A fantastic ride in Wales ... the Velothon

Compared to the alternatives of sprinting up and down a bypass for 12 hours, camping and riding through the night in Sweden or hunting out dragons in the mountains of Snowdonia, I think Rob and I definitely took the easy option last Sunday in riding the inaugural 140km Velothon Cymru on closed roads from Cardiff.

A fantastic weekend in Sweden... the Vatternrundan

After Stuart had to very sadly pull out, 3 of us (Mark, Dave Booth and me) made our way to Heathrow at some ungodly hour on Friday morning, in time to have a huge breakfast and then we were off, on our annual trip to the Vatternrundan - a 300km ride around lake Vattern in Sweden. We had had a great year last year, riding through the day - and this year we decided to go for an earlier start time and ride through the night.

Check out Chris Stocks' video of his 10

Chris Stocks used to be a regular at our events but we haven't seen him for a few years. He's making a comeback and just to prove it, his cool video of his ride at the 10 on Thursday is at


Andrew goes for the 12 hour record

Club chairman Andrew Payne will attempt to break the club 12 hour record tomorrow on the Bentley course on the A31 near Alton. Paul Richardson will assist by handing up bottles and trying not to doze off and miss his rider - he'll be in the Hen & Chickens layby all day. Andrew starts at 7-42 am, while most of you are still enjoying your Sunday lie in.

If any club members are in the area why not drop by and cheer him on - anything to relieve the boredom of circling the Bentley loop over a dozen times. Watch out for updates on the club twitter feed throughout the day.

Clock Tower Ride - 7th June (and next few weeks - including Box Hill ride)

Sunday was a wonderful day for being out cycling and 5 members turned up for the Clock Tower Ride.  It was good to see Jane back again for a second time, especially as she had completed the Wokingham Triathlon the previous day.  Before we left we were given a bit of a history lesson, as a man approached us and commented that he was pleased to see us out riding as when he was young he used to come out on the club rides from the Clock Tower.  This was back when MDCC was still part of the Athletics Club, so I’m assuming in the 1960’s.

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