MDCC club run etiquette

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Sunday club rides are arranged to suit the wishes of members who are out on that day.  Please specify preferences on the ‘MDCC Rides Group’ WhatsApp group in the days leading up to Sunday so that rides and leaders can be arranged.  Contact David Dyer or Sarah Davies to be added to the WhatsApp group.  This group can also be used for members to discuss rides on other days of the week or meeting together on other organised rides.  There is also a separate MDCC Chat group to discuss other topics besides the weekly rides.

The aim is for no more than 10 riders per group and this usually means up to 3 groups.  Faster groups will aim for 17-18mph or more and slower groups 15-16mph or less.  Distances covered can vary between 30 and 60 miles lasting 3 – 4 hours and usually include a coffee stop in the second half or near the end of the ride.  There will generally be both a ride leader as well as a tail rider to ensure that no-one is left behind.  Leaders will endeavour to indicate the planned route on the WhatsApp group before the ride.


Riders must adhere to the Highway Code at all times and be courteous to other road users.  In particular, ensure that you give horse riders a wide berth and pass slowly. 

Riding two abreast is legal, allowed by the Highway Code and generally allows faster traffic to pass more easily.  However riding single file is often preferable on narrower roads.  Filtering past queued traffic is best avoided when riding in a group.

Make sure you have a roadworthy bike with working brakes, properly inflated tyres and working lights if it is likely to be dark.  Bring equipment to mend punctures and know how to use it (although other riders will always assist if you are having difficulty).  Also bring a drink, money, possibly some food and a working phone.

On the ride, point or call out hazards such as pot holes and other obstructions to aid following riders.  Also indicate if passing parked cars or pedestrians and if cars are approaching on narrow roads.

Generally it is better to stay in one group, but consider leaving a gap if in a large group (of 10 or above).

We will make sure we don’t lose anybody.  This is mainly due to the use of a tail rider, but all riders should keep a look out for any rider who has dropped behind or has a puncture and let the lead rider know.  We will stop and regroup at junctions, but please make sure the group does not block traffic.   In return, any rider who wishes to leave the ride before the end of the ride must make the lead rider aware that they are doing so.